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Remember those days when you were the “LAADO” (princess) of the house, apple of your parent’s eye, how they didn’t leave any stone unturned to make your nurturing more beautiful and fulfilling, how beautiful everything around was made with that constant drooling over you. That warmth and affection turned you into the beautiful woman that you are today. It gave you the strength, courage and confidence to face whatever life throws at you.

Now that you have grown up and have spread your wings to conquer this world and its challenges and you understand so well the magic that “Being loved” can create then the first person to give you that sense of being priceless should be YOU YOURSELF. As they say so rightly that the most important relationship which will go lifelong is the relation with your own self. There are many ways to make you feel special and you should pick one as per what suits your liking. We at “LAADO” have tried to give one such option as it’s a well acknowledged fact that women have been bestowed with “Shopping Gene” and it surely gives us a refreshing way to unwind ourselves.

Though we truly believe that no one should be judged based on what one is wearing but there’s no denial to the fact that your dressing is a window through which the world looks at you. Brand “LAADO” has made an Earnest effort to come out with a collection which suits Indian Sensibility, comfort, style, and surely doesn’t come heavy on your pocket. Be it an Occasion, a work day or a casual evening with loved ones you will find an attire here which is sure to satiate your search.
Come and explore the world of style, comfort and ethics. Give yourself the most deserving attention, Be Your Own “LAADO”..

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